What our Customers say...


I’ve work in the restoration business for a long time, and I am so impressed by the leadership of this SERVPRO of South and Northwest Grand Rapids team. They are in the business to help people! There’s no one I’d trust more in my time of need. Randy and Ted are professional, and their crew is on time, professional and extremely knowledgeable.

Very professional, well qualified, and dedicated employees. 10/10 would recommend

Best employees you could have come clean up your disaster. This location puts the PRO in SERVPRO of South and Northwest Grand Rapids. Quick and SUPER kind when they come to your house or business. I have recommended the Jenison location to all of my friends and family. PS you can call them at all hours of the night for that 24/7 SERVPRO service!! :)

Great company to work for!! Our team is committed to helping people in the time of need. This SERVPRO team is professional, and extremely knowledgeable. If you’re looking for a job or if disaster strikes SERVPRO of South and Northwest Grand Rapids is the place to call!

After we learned my mother-in-law had MRSA (which is highly contagious) we were worried that her condo was not sanitary. We called Randy at SERVPRO of South and Northwest Grand Rapids and he had a crew out to the condo the same day. They cleaned and sanitized everything and left it sparkling. Very friendly and professional. It gave us great peace of mind. Well worth the money.

The team at SERVPRO of South and North West Grand Rapids does a phenomenal job. We could not be more pleased with the work they completed for us. Punctual, professional. Highly recommend!

Awhile back we had a fire that tore through my house and totaled the house and SERVPRO of South and Northwest Grand Rapids has been there working cleaning up and making sure the place is boarded up fire started in the wall on oct 25 2020 Big Star Lake Baldwin Mi. 

Steve and his team responded immediately when asked to help clean and disinfect a restaurant. Thank you so much for working during these difficult times.

We were nothing but impressed with how efficient and neat SERVPRO was as areas on three floors had to be removed, cleaned, and dried out. The quality of work was much appreciated, in what was a hectic time for us after the damage was discovered.

I cannot say enough about SERVPRO. Ted, Randy, and their entire team were great. Professional, courteous, always on time, and respectful to my property. They took a very stressful situation and minimized the anxiety we all feel when there damage to our home. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

An amazing team came in quickly and did a fantastic job of clean up and assessing the damage. So grateful!

SERVPRO employees were prompt, professional, and efficient! The supervisor, Nate, was excellent at following up and taking care of all concerns and conditions! Team members Joyce, Don, Charlie, and Adrianna worked diligently and consistently to address immediate issues! I would highly recommend this team.

I contacted SERVPRO to inspect some water damage in my home (due to issues with a deteriorating roof). They were prompt, helpful, communicative and dried out the damaged areas with air movers and removing wet drywall and insulation. Gave me great referrals for roofing companies in the area to help prevent the issue in the future. Highly recommend Ted, Nate and the entire team!

My agent referred SERVPRO to handle my flooded kitchen. The team was prompt, friendly, and thorough. They did exactly what they said they would. I recommend Randy & his team if you find yourself in a similar situation!

Every aspect of working with SERVPRO S. & NW GR was fantastic. They came out quickly with the right equipment for 17ft ceilings in a residential unit. They calmed all the nerves that come with water damage, they even investigated a separate incident and discovered mold left by a different water mitigation company (yeah neighbors were leaking into our unit). They quickly did tear out, grinding, and chemical treatments for the entire area. I could trust they really investigated and that I would have no worries moving forward. They went above and beyond with the best attitude along the way. With multiple days of checking to see if everything was drying properly the bill was surprisingly low.

Very professional, detailed, and caring company!

Rated highly for: QualityValueResponsivenessPunctuality

Geoff was really responsive and is easy to work with. Great guy!

SERVPRO of South and North West Grand Rapids took care of my Grandma's house when her hot water tank leaked. I was very happy with how quickly they came out, how well they explained things, and how thoroughly the job was done. She truly felt like they were taking care of her. Thank you to the whole team.

The best of the best.

An awesome company to use for any water damage. They came out as fast as they could, set up, fixed the issue and called every day to see what was needed and to make sure everything was running right. I would totally recommend this company for anything you need for damage issues. AA++

Absolute professionals. Randy and his partner arrived at my house so quickly after I reported a small "flood" in my home. They quickly assessed the damage, the areas of concerns and got busy setting up industrial fans and dehumidifiers. In addition, they collected all the belongings that were wet and took them to a drying chamber. The "flood" was not our fault and they were knowledgeable about the process of filing claims, how insurance companies work, and what to expect. I couldn't have been happier with their service and will highly recommend them to friends, family and my clients.

SERVPRO has been absolutely amazing throughout the entire cleanup and restoration process. We had a dryer fire, and after contacting my insurance company, SERVPRO was next on the list. They arrived the same day to take initial measurements, scope the job, and prepare an estimate for my insurance. The cleanup crew for the soot and smoke was top-notch, with Joyce and Don providing excellent customer service. The technicians asked questions of us throughout, worked with us on items we felt did not need cleaning, and provided tips and insights to address every area of our home. Their treatment of our space was nothing short of exemplary. The team was considerate, communicative, and most importantly, detailed in their work. We still have a bit of work to go to reach pre-fire condition, but I know I'm in good hands with SERVPRO on the job. Keep up the good work!

We had the unfortunate need for SERVPRO when a pipe leaked in our basement... causing water to soak the walls and our newly installed carpeting. It was a holiday weekend and there was mold, pretty much my worst nightmare! Randy responded very quickly, was kind, and professional. He explained his process thoroughly and made recommendations. He got our basement dried up, saved the carpeting, and gave us peace of mind. I would recommend SERVPRO to anyone in need of restoration services!

Highly recommend SERVPRO of South and North West Grand Rapids! Randy, Don, and Charlie were top notch - everything from quick response to thorough restoration from water leak. Randy even brought me coffee when he arrived promptly to assess the project. Although I hope I never need their services again, I would contact them immediately in a heart beat! Thank you, SERVPRO!

Randy was very quick to get back to me when I initially called and he was great about answering all of my questions. He was easy to schedule with; flexible with timing and very respectful of our time. There was no window that they would arrive in, when he said 12:30 he was there at 12:30. The team that came to demo and dry out the damaged area were very professional and friendly.

I could not recommend them more. They did a fantastic job

SERVPRO of South and North West Grand Rapids helped us correct a water issue in our home this past week! I am grateful for the communication before during and after the work was complete. I would gladly recommend them to anyone I who in need of help!

We love working with SERVPRO of South and North West Grand Rapids, and they excel at everything damage restoration related! I highly recommend them for all of your restoration needs!

The team at SERVPRO are absolutely amazing. We cannot thank them enough for their genuine kindness and professionalism.

If you have water problems, these are the guys to call. I have unfortunately had to use them 2 times in the past 3 years and both times they were extremely prompt and knowledgeable. I called them on a weekend and they were out within 2 hours installing equipment to dry up the mess. They ultimately saved my floor.

One of the very best for a water loss remediation.

Ground water came in our sunken room. SERVPRO of Southwest Grand Rapids removed the wet pad, extracted water and sprayed antimicrobial sporicidin. The removal of the baseboard was and drilling a hole in the wall is a genius way to dry out the walls preventing mold growth and keep damage cost down. Thanks SERVPRO!

Heavy rain storm hit my property and water flooded my basement through the sliding glass door affecting two rooms. John and Amanda arrived and mitigated the water, removed the carpet pad and sprayed sporicidin to prevent mold growth. I really appreciate the effort and equipment you used to take care of my family.

Ground water came into my home during a recent rain storm SERVPRO extracted and sprayed antimicrobial in all wet areas. Equipment was also placed to float the carpet, allowing it to dry underneath. I was so ecstatic to know I could save the carpet! Thanks SERVPRO of Southwest Grand Rapids for your hard work.

Our roof drain was overloaded by the rain, water came in the building thru a wooded bulkhead and got concrete floor as well as the Astro turf field wet. SERVPRO of Southwest Grand Rapids got to work immediately and or facility was able to hold our scheduled competition, it was “Like it never even happened.”

SERVPRO of Southwest Grand Rapids responded to our flood at 10 pm on a Sunday night, mitigating 3 inches of water from our facility within 6 hours! The crew was obviously tired, but they worked through it to get the job done right. Thanks guys for your professionalism and dedication!

A tree fell on my house, during this past tornado, and the roof collapse on my bedroom. SERVPRO of Southwest Grand Rapids cleaned up the room “Like it never even happened.”

After our house caught fire six months ago, SERVPRO of Southwest Grand Rapids came to clean up the damage. They packed out all of our salvageable contents, stored and cleaned them. Upon construction completion of our home, they brought everything back to our home "Like it never even happened." Thanks guys for everything that you do, we so appreciate it.

We are so thankful to have our house back to one piece! Thanks SERVPRO of Southwest Grand Rapids for your quick response and attention detail to cleaning the soot from our house.

Very happy with crew attitude and quality!

Mold is not something I like to deal with. I called SERVPRO of Southwest Grand Rapids and there courtesy and professionalism throughout the process is beyond reproach! Thanks for taking care of us SERVPRO and keep up the good work.

I am so grateful that I called SERVPRO of Southwest Grand Rapids to handle the mold in my basement. The trained professionals really make it “Like it never even happened.”

Ted & Jeff were both incredible to work with! Thank you!

When we first discovered the mold in our home, I thought I could take care of it. However, the job was just too big for me. I called SERVPRO of Southwest Grand Rapids and with the right equipment they were able to remediate the mold within days. Thanks SERVPRO for being the best!

The team at SERVPRO of Southwest Grand Rapids was knowledge, well-trained and equipped to handle my mold situation. Thank you for taking care of the situation quickly and safely.

When our mold problem was identified, we immediately called John at SERVPRO of Southwest Grand Rapids and he was in our building within an hour. The team showed up the next day, remediating the mold within one day.

SERVPRO of Southwest Grand Rapids took the time to explain the entire process to me before, during and after the process of every step and what to expect.

John and Joyce were VERY professional and helpful when we were clueless. They put us at ease. Thanks a million!!

An electrical shortage in our server room cause a fire to burst out. The Fire damage was limited to the server closet, however the soot and water damage that was left behind took the longest to restore. SERVPRO of Southwest Grand Rapids, responded to restore all damaged and salvageable goods not affected by fire or water. The team went above and beyond our expectations by their professionalism, thorough cleaning and communication skills. The store was able only closed for four days due to cleaning and was able to open the doors for business as usual upon cleaning. We are now fully operational, like it never even happened.

As an insurance agent I deal with clients claims on a daily basis. However when my condo flooded, SERVPRO of Southwest Grand Rapids was there for me! Having personal experience in a disaster and knowing who to call makes it easier to assist my clients in their time of need. Thank you SERVPRO of Southwest Grand Rapids team for your hard work and taking care of your clients as if they are family!

When a fire devastated half of our church we called SERVPRO of Southwest Grand Rapids to help with restoration of the existing structure in order to continue worshipping in the gym. They came out the day we called them and were very knowledgeable and helpful. They began work immediately on the existing structure and restored the gym cleaner than it was before the fire! They moved very quickly and efficiently and were able to get us in before expected. Thank you Ron Brunink and Randy Oosterheart and the SERVPRO of Southwest Grand Rapids team for your hard work!

The Georgetown Chamber building sprinkler system malfunctioned and water covered 60% of our building. SERVPRO of Southwest Grand Rapids came in with a full team that are well trained professionals. They were able to clean up efficiently so we were able to keep the doors open and operated as normal business. The use of the Desiccant Trailer really speed up the process, while keeping all the noise outside. It’s great to know that our community takes care of each other.

At 3 am our facility had a leak. I called John at SERVPRO of Southwest Grand Rapids and within a couple of hours he had an entire crew here to take care of the issue. I know that when I call John, it’s going to get done right and effectively.

We manage multiple buildings located in; Wyoming, Grandville, Coopersville, Hudsonville and Walker, with multiple contacts to each facility SERVPRO of Southwest Grand Rapids has provided a free service to each facility for Emergency Readiness Plans (ERP). This service has set up our facilities for a quick and easy response for our employees to know how to handle and shut off utility valves. The app that comes with the program is our quickest and easiest way to respond to a loss. Thank you John Docter and SERVPRO of Southwest Grand Rapids for this service!

I was devastated when we found out that our upstairs supply line in our vanity had busted. When John and Randy arrived they assured me that they would get done! After a few hours of cleaning up the mess, the damage was not as bad as anticipated. SERVPRO of Southwest Grand Rapids quick response and work ethic made a night and day difference to my situation. Thank you for being there in my time of need!

Managing multiple building I know to call SERVPRO of Southwest Grand Rapids for a top notch cleaning service! We needed to remove a musty smell in the air, so SERVPRO of Southwest Grand Rapids team came in placed 6 dehumidifies around the office. This service removed allergens and moisture. The office air quality is pure now thanks to your team.

The attention to detail was flawless!  SERVPRO of Southwest Grand Rapids works with tools to get the job done that I would have never thought of.  Everyone on the team was super helpful, informative and quick to get the job done right.

Due to heavy rains, one of our facilities flooded. We called SERVPRO of Southwest Grand Rapids and they arrived within 30 minutes. There quick response and professional work ethic, kept the doors open and tenants highly satisfied. After removing the debris, water mitigation, property repair, the building is back to pre-existing conditions “Like it never even happened."

Definitely call SERVPRO, responded quickly.  Took care of all the needs, washing painting, Ted is phenomenal with his customer service and knowledge. Technicians handled fragile items with extreme care, cleaned to tip top shape and our home is ready carpet installation.  The levels of professionalism, courtesy, attention to details, and willingness to please us as a customer was superb and very refreshing, especially since I was already stressed from the fire and everything evolving from the fire. Everyone from the supervision team down to the workers on to the crew picking up the equipment for return have each been a great pleasure to work with. Your team has shown us the Light at the end of tunnel. 

When our sewer backed up we immediately called SERVPRO of Southwest Grand Rapids. They moved all our contents, cleaned and treated our carpets leaving our basement “Like it never even happened."

Late on a Friday night I noticed water in my kitchen. I called SERVPRO of Southwest Grand Rapids and when the team showed up they knew right away that it was dishwasher. They turned off the source, cleaned up the water and thoroughly inspected to ensure no other leaks or further damage. Your professionalism instilled in your team is comforting and I know that if I need you, your there and the job is done right!

Our building suffered a large loss due to fire affecting three units. However the amount of water damage covered two floors and 20 units. I called John and within two hours the team of 10 or more showed up, getting straight to work! The blocked off unaffected area’s with plastic to contain the smoke smell, mitigated the water, demolished the fire damage, brought in the Desiccant trailer and when shift came you couldn’t even tell that it was a different crew. I love working with SERVPRO of Southwest Grand Rapids because they are experienced professionals with knowledge above the rest in their field! Thank you for taking care of our facility and ensuring that our residents were not further disturbed from this tragedy.

Our basement flooded due to septic pump failure and SERVPRO of SW, SE, NW Grand Rapids responded to my call with-in 15 minutes with a team of Professionally Trained technicians.  Their handled all of our furniture and belonging’s with extreme care.  It was a real blessing to have them in my home to relieve the stress of the situation and to have all everything cleaned out beyond my expectations.

SERVPRO thank you for providing your trailer for use at the Grandville fire (Wimbledon Apartments). Because of your help, we were able to provide safe and warm service to the clients of the Grandville fire.